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What is ViaBill?

ViaBill is a flexible payment solution that allows your customers to buy as many times as they want for 2,000kr. ViaBill allows your customers to buy what they need now and pay later. When your customers pay us back, they pay in 4 equal monthly installments – without interest.
Your customers:
– can sign up for ViaBill by answering four simple questions.
– gets instant approval at checkout.

Why should I add ViaBill to my store?

ViaBill is proven to increase conversions, basket size, and AOV.

ViaBills PriceTag is attractive because your customers can see how little they have to pay a month when they split their payment – as opposed to paying the whole upfront.

Allowing your customers the option to pay in monthly installments opens up the potential for them to spend more thus increase your earnings.

What countries does ViaBill operate in?

ViaBill operates in Denmark, Spain, and the United States. You can get ViaBill in Denmark when your webshop:

  • sells products on the Danish market
  • has a Danish bank account

Your customers are committed to:

  • have a valid and verifiable Danish mobile number.
  • have a Danish credit or debit card to make a purchase
  • have an email and Danish CPR number.
How do I get ViaBill at my shop?

To get started with ViaBill, fill in our sign up form on the front page.

We will reach out to you as soon as your registration is completed and will help you add ViaBill to your shop.

8 out of 10 webshops are active with ViaBill within 24 hours.

How do I get paid and who assumes the risk?

ViaBill pays you upfront and takes on all credit and fraud risks. Please click here to read our terms and conditions.

What e-commerce platforms do you support?

Currently, we support the following shop systems: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.

We also support Ecwid, Opencart, Zencart, Oscommerce, Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, and Virtuemart.

Does the ViaBill Price Tag help?

The ViaBill webshops, which make ViaBill’s PriceTag visible on their product pages and in the basket, find that more customers buy with ViaBill and that their customers buy for more. Read about BYIC’s results with ViaBill here.

Our PriceTag shows how little your customers have to pay when paying with ViaBill. Your customers get more detailed information about ViaBill and how they can select ViaBill at checkout when they click on the PriceTag.

Managing orders

How do I know ViaBill has approved an order?

ViaBill has approved an order what the order status says, “ViaBill has approved your order”.

My customer wants to modify the ViaBill order. How do I handle this?

Once ViaBill has approved an order, the order details and order value cannot be changed. The Merchant is able to issue partial or full refunds if items are not in stock or cannot be fulfilled. ViaBill does not support the addition of items to an order.


Your customer will need to place a new order for the additional items or cancel the previous order and create a new one for all the items they wish to purchase.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, follow the refund process, which you can read about in the above questions