Providing a Better Shopping Experience.

Get paid upfront & in-full, while your customers buy the things they love now and pay us later.

Allowing your customers to pay later with ViaBill, boosts your business and takes your shopping experience to the next level.

Mac & Iphone

A Better Way to Pay

63% of US millennials don’t own a credit card and are scared of hurting their credit score but have a spending power of $200B.

Buy now, and pay later with ViaBill is changing the way people shop online.

 We give them the power to buy freely without upfront payments.

How It Works

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ViaBill Shopping Experience

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We Give You What You Deserve

ViaBill gives the shopper the opportunity to buy items they can’t afford today. It increases their purchasing power while you still get paid upfront and in full.

More Customers

When you partner with ViaBill, you will reach our rapidly growing networks of millions of customers.

Everyone is Welcomed

ViaBill approves businesses of all sizes. We have an approval rate of 89%.


Zero Risk to You

With ViaBill, you always get paid upfront & in full and we take care of all credit risk and fraud.

Higher Conversion & Basket size

On average, ViaBill partners see an increase of +18% in conversion and +32.7% in their basket size.

Easy Sign Up & Set Up

Get started on these popular ecommerce platforms.

Our integration is simple and fast and we provide technical support at every step.

Let us help you sell more and grow faster

How ViaBill Looks on Your Website


Engage customers long before they reach checkout by presenting financing opt ions earlier in the shopping journey.


When the shopper clicks on the ViaBill pricetag, the modal pop-ups. It gives the shopper a deeper and simple understanding of how you pay with ViaBill.


Once the shopper is on the checkout page, they are required to enter, as usual, their shipping information and then the payment option. There they see ViaBill as a payment, and finalize their order. Everything happens on your page so that the customer would never have to leave!

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Viabill Liberty

Credit limit:

0 kr. to 2.000 kr.

Monthly fee (Shoppers): 0 kr.

APR: 0%

Repayment (Shoppers): 4 payments

Transaction fee (webshops): 0,75%

Information required from shoppers:

Telefon nr., email, CPR-nummer og betalingskortoplysninger

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Viabill extra

Credit limit:

0 kr. to 5.000 kr.

Monthly fee (Shoppers): 49 kr.

APR: 10% - 30%

Repayment (Shoppers): 4 betalinger

Transaction fee (webshops): 0,75%

Information required from shoppers:

Telefon nr., email, CPR-nummer og betalingskortoplysninger